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bout time
hai everyone! long time no see im back!
Never trust a rogue or a troll, especially a troll rogue.
Hi all, we didn't have raid on weds but this weekends hopefully we can get H horridon down!
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Led by legendary chopper builder Paul Jr., Team Horde will face off against Team Alliance to determine which epic custom-built bike will come out on top in the ultimate showdown. When the dust settles and the final designs are revealed i...
Published Apr 17, 2014
Watch Team Horde, led by Sam Didier, and Team Alliance, led by Chris Metzen, battle it out to create the ultimate chopper. In Episode 1, Paul Jr. and the teams embark on their epic quest, and right out of the gates they’re blindsided b...
Published Apr 17, 2014
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Published Apr 17, 2014

Heroic Jin video

Rose a posted May 10, 13
Rose a Why is the quality not clear???

Heroic Ji-Kun

Rose a posted May 9, 13
Haha, ok guys i finally updated the SS...will work on uploading our H Jin'rohk video kill as well, maybe this week or so, together with H Horridon perhaps?.


Rose a posted Apr 26, 13
Hey all, our old guild is currently down...the whole server is down, the hosting service have pretty much sold their business to somebody else which forcing us needing to find a new guild host. This one is currently a free version but if it's any good we might go premium with it. Anyway to all our raiders go ahead and create your new accounts on this website!!!
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